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Silk is the Queen of all natural fibers... a pleasure to the eyes and skin.

It is enchanting and seductive, the way this fabric takes paint.



Against the sculpted contours of the body, interior furnishings, or other works of art, silk becames a dynamic source of light and color.


I've long been fascinated by the brillance of colors, and the technique of silk painting has given me the opportunity to play with what I call vital colors.


Painting silk is my passion. Touch The Silk has been created to share the fruits of this passion with you.



Artist's background


Before promoting my self as a silk painter, I immersed myself in the study of silk painting techniques (serti, batik, brush, spray, alcohol, sugar, salt), digesting the many graphic influences from countries around the world.


Experienced eyes will recognize the use of symbology from ancient and modern times in my designs, including symbols from all continents of our great planet.


The spontaneous nature of silk painting demands intense concentration and a constant flow of creative consciouness. The quick-drying dyes respond in unique ways according to the existing atmospheric conditions. And the result is a sonata of brilliant and tasteful colors, where inspiration know no boundaries.


Take care of your silk

These 100% silk products will give you years of pleasure if they are treated well. Take care of your silk painting as you would any fine art piece. Dryclean or hand wash using mild soap and lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly then remove excess water by wrapping the silk in a towel. Hang the silk in the shade to dry. If you leave silk in direct sunlight for lengthy periods, its fibers will deteriorate and fade. Fabric with raised lines of gold, silver, bronze, should only be ironed with a cloth protection.


Your email enquiries are welcome for projects you'd like quoted or to confirm the availability of works you see at this gallery.


Please understand that each work is as unique as the moment in which it has been created.

Carpe Diem!

Let your eyes enjoy.